Crowfoot Hyundai takes home the Consumer Choice Award for being the Best Hyundai Dealership in Calgary - 3 Years in a Row - 2011, 2012 & 2013.

Ask your friends about their car buying experiences and there is no doubt you will hear stories of all types, with themes of confusion, frustration, unplanned expenses and dissatisfaction being quite common. Crowfoot Hyundai is a dealership that is aware of the many problems that can arise during the car buying process, and their staff is on hand to guarantee the best car buying experience imaginable.

Each year the choices available for vehicles increase. With the ever changing needs of drivers, safety innovations and constant improvements in engineering and production, one company has caught the eye of industry experts over and over again. With an impressive list of awards in almost every area imaginable, Hyundai has moved itself to the forefront of vehicle design and proven itself to be a forward thinking and responsible auto maker. You may be surprised to learn that the Environmental Protection Agency recently reported that the most fuel efficient and lowest emission vehicle fleet is Hyundai, but you shouldn't be. Crowfoot Hyundai knows their vehicles, and their attentive staff is fully prepared to match your unique needs to a car that will give you all that you are looking for and more. Sit down at the dealership with one of their friendly associates and explore the world of possibilities at your fingertips to make your driving dreams come true. With a parts and service department that is rivaled by none, Crowfoot Hyundai is on call to keep your car tuned up and beautiful, no matter what your tastes. Put your trust in a dealership that has proven itself as the leader in Calgary for Hyundai vehicles and see today just how much fun driving can be. The Consumer Choice Award for best Hyundai dealership goes to Crowfoot Hyundai.

The Consumer Choice Award are unique in many respects. Since 1987, they have worked to reward businesses like Crowfoot Hyundai who do all that is possible to make their customers experience the very best. Instead of relying on the opinions of a panel of judges, the Consumer Choice Award devised a clever and unique way to learn from local and business communities who their choices are as award winning businesses in a wide range of categories. Surveys are given initially to allow those participating to pencil in their choices for award candidates. Businesses that are most frequently mentioned are put to a ballot vote among the local and business community. Competition is fierce throughout the year among local shops vying for the honor of being chosen. Such healthy competition is much welcomed by consumers, and aids in stimulating local revenue. Those who have what it takes to take home a Consumer Choice Award bring back with them not only the satisfaction of accomplishment, but also the respect of their community for delivering goods and services in the a professional manner. The Consumer Choice Award proudly present the award for best Hyundai dealership in Calgary to Crowfoot Hyundai.

Thank you Consumer Choice Award for recognizing and promoting business excellence in communities across Canada. Thank you Crowfoot Hyundai for giving your customers the highest level of service possible in a car dealership.

To read more about the Consumer Choice Award and how we were selected - check out the site - Here