Sonata Hybrid

The drive to do better.

That's what inspired us to create the Sonata Hybrid. We started with a lithium-ion polymer battery - the smallest, lightest and most advanced hybrid battery in the world. Then we added a full parallel hybrid drive system, advanced safety features and sleek, aerodynamic design, creating the perfect blend of style, luxury and fuel-efficiency.


The Sonata Hybrid is different, but not eccentric. A raked roofline, modern design and 16-inch or available 17-inch alloy wheels lower aerodynamic drag while adding style. A unique front grille and LED headlight accents also distinguish the Hybrid from its traditional counterpart. Front fog lights, LED tail lights and side mirror turn signal indicators increase visibility and appeal, while the Blue Drive badge shows you're leading the way to lower emissions. No more fumbling for the key in your pocket or purse. The Sonata Hybrid recognizes your key fob and automatically unlocks when you push the small black button on the door handle. Get in, fasten your seatbelt, hit the start button and go.Heated side mirrors help ward off frost, while side mirror turn signals increase visibility and appeal. The intentionally large windows increase visibility, reduce blind spots and contribute to a feeling of spaciousness for you and your passengers.


Thanks to the packaging of the space-saving lithium-ion polymer battery, the 2013 Sonata Hybrid offers an impressive 3,283L of total interior volume - giving you generous head room, ample leg room, and plenty of room for luggage in the trunk.Get your daily dose of sunshine and fresh air with the available power tilt-and-slide panoramic sunroof.The Sonata Hybrid cabin is organized logically with driver and passenger amenities within quick and easy reach. The available navigation touch screen and audio controls are set a little higher on the centre stack, making them easy to check while staying focused on the road. The dual-zone automatic temperature control offers custom settings for the driver and front passenger along with floor console air vent controls for rear passengers. Steering wheel-mounted audio and Bluetooth® hands-free phone system controls help keep your attention on the business at hand.
The Sonata Hybrid's available navigation system makes it easier to get from A to B through the interactive touch-screen. This high-resolution touch screen display also features a rear view camera, helping you spot objects, people or other cars while in reverse.The AM/FM/CD/MP3 Audio System comes with 6 speakers and SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, including a complimentary three-month subscription on us. Plus, the built-in iPod®/USB and auxiliary jacks let you access your iPod® through the audio controls, displaying track and artist information, all while charging your digital personal listening device*. An Infinity® 400-watt Premium Audio System with subwoofer and external amplifier is also available to add power and presence to your favorite music.Most modern trip computers help you drive smarter and more efficiently. You can see average speed, average and instant fuel consumption, and kilometres to empty. But the Sonata Hybrid technology display, with its 4.2-inch colour LCD screen, takes the idea of control a step further by allowing you to view energy flow within the Hybrid System.
If you must talk while driving, please do it with your hands on the wheel. The Sonata Hybrid's standard Bluetooth® technology with phonebook transfer gives you hands-free access to your phone with a very handy voice recognition* control.Perfect for cold, dark winters, the available integrated HomeLink® transceiver allows you to open your front gate, switch on your house lights, and more - all without leaving your car.The driver seat is heated and has available 8-way power adjustment with power lumbar controls to make even long trips seem short. Lest your passengers get jealous, the Sonata Hybrid offers heated front and available rear seat bottom cushions that are shaped to provide extra leg support to reduce discomfort and fatigue.


NHTSA studies show passenger cars equipped with ESC experience 35% fewer single vehicle crashes, and 30% fewer single vehicle fatalities. ESC sensors measure the difference between a driver's intended path-when a turn is less or more than intended-and applies appropriate braking force to individual wheels to help regain control. ESC also includes a Traction Control System (TCS), which helps reduce wheelspin when accelerating.By reducing wheelspin in various adverse traction conditions, including inclement weather, the TCS gives exceptionally stable and predictable acceleration for a confident, controlled driving experience.Emergency braking can cause a vehicle's wheels to lock up and skid, resulting in a loss of steering control exactly when you need it most. ABS helps prevent the possibility of wheel lockup under braking and rapidly pulses the brakes to help you retain steering control as you come to a stop.
Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) balances braking forces at each wheel of the vehicle depending on road conditions, available traction, the weight of the passengers and cargo that the vehicle is carrying, and even the speed the driver is going. This helps the driver maintain confident control in difficult braking situations.In emergency braking situations, many drivers may not apply sufficient braking force to achieve the shortest possible stopping distance. Brake Assist helps detect emergency braking and helps ensure the maximum braking force is immediately applied to minimize stopping distances.In addition to crumple zones, uni-body construction and active front head restraints that help reduce the chance of whiplash, the Sonata Hybrid also has advanced dual front, front seat-mounted side-impact, and roof-mounted side curtain airbags to help protect you in case of an accident.


The Sonata Hybrid is the first non-plug-in hybrid vehicle with lithium-ion polymer battery technology. With 4.9/100km highway fuel economy, it provides a significant benefit to hybrid owners on highway commutes, while also offering outstanding 5.4/100km^ city fuel economy, a direct result of the parallel hybrid system configuration. What's more, the 2013 Sonata Hybrid has been engineered with greater electric motor power and increased hybrid battery power capacity, all of which creates a better driving experience for you.The Sonata Hybrid uses a polymer gel as the electrolyte in its battery as opposed to the more commonly used nickel-metal hydride battery. This allows for a thinner and lighter casing which translates to more cargo and interior volume. This efficient battery is capable of delivering the same power with 25% less weight, 40% less volume and 10% more efficiency.Hybrid engines are obviously different from standard car engines, and the Sonata Hybrid is different still from most other hybrids. Using a fully parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) system provides more optimized power, with engine and battery power supply working simultaneously.
Tight-fisted with fuel and generous with performance. The Sonata Hybrid's 2.4L DOHC Theta II engine features an Atkinson Cycle for decreased pumping and friction loss-resulting in improved fuel economy.The engine speed-sensitive, motor-driven power steering gives you more assistance at lower speeds (while parking for example) and makes the handling less touchy at higher speeds (on the highway for example). The turning diameter is a tight 10.9 metres, curb-to-curb. The fully independent suspension, with MacPherson struts up front and a multi-link rear, includes advanced SACHS Amplitude Selective Damping shock absorbers for added response and a smooth ride.Hybrids don't need to be shaped like a cheese wedge to get better fuel efficiency. Subtle design differences from the traditional Sonata allow the Sonata Hybrid to achieve an impressively low 0.25 coefficient of drag.


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