Why Hyundai?

Why Hyundai?
It's not just about how we build cars. It's why.

There's a reason why Hyundai cars are so frequently praised for their standard safety equipment. There's a reason why our designers spend so much time driving and testing our vehicles. And there's a reason why we've invested so heavily in processes and equipment that ensure the quality of our cars.

A number of years back, Hyundai made the decision to invest in safety. Take Electronic Stability Control (ESC). We took note of studies done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which found that ESC reduced crashes and fatalities by as much as 43%. Knowing how many lives could be saved made our goal clear: to make ESC standard on nearly every car we build.
We believe in exterior design. Making it dynamic and fluid and utterly head-turning. But, more important, we believe in ergonomic design-the science of making our cars intuitive and comfortable. And, with the introduction of the Genesis, we've taken our study of ergonomics to a whole new level.
Designing is only half the equation. Which is why Hyundai invests millions of dollars in its assembly plants around the world. The Hyundai plant in Montgomery, Alabama, was built from the ground up to be efficient, quality-focused, and mindful of the people who work there. Every car is put through a series of checks by both uncompromising machines and humans alike, with an eye on making every Hyundai the very best one we can build.

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