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At Crowfoot Hyundai, we know the best part of owning a Hyundai is driving it all year round, and with peace of mind. It's why we insist on using only Hyundai Genuine Parts & Accessories, engineered specifically for your Hyundai and backed up by a limited-time warranty. It's also why our technicians are specially trained to perform a meticulous 30-point inspection on your vehicle to make sure it's ready for the road. No matter the weather.

Owning a vehicle is a lot of responsibility. From coupes, convertibles, hatchbacks and sedans, to SUVs, trucks, vans, and wagons; every vehicle needs to be maintained and cared for to ensure longevity. Knowing when to bring in your vehicle for service can be confusing. Crowfoot Hyundai has conveniently outlined our dealership and factory approved Maintenance Schedule online for your knowledge. This schedule serves as a guideline to show you when certain parts of your Volkswagen should be serviced. If you have any questions, our qualified service staff member are available to answer any inquiries you might have.

Why is regular maintenance so important?

Your Hyundai is a strong, robust vehicle designed to withstand even the harshest winter weather. However, there are a few things that you should get checked out every year to help prolong the life of your vehicle:

Change Your Tires
Rotating your tires regularly not only extends their life, but helps braking and handling - especially on the wet, slick roads that are so common in the spring

Examine Your Brakes
Winter is hard on brakes. An authorized Hyundai service technician will examine your brakes to determine the amount of wear that has occurred. This is important, as gradual wear-down often goes unnoticed. Consider it spring cleaning for your car.

Change Your Oil
It's important to have your oil changed with the product that will keep your engine working at its optimum performance: Castrol Premium Synthetic Oil. That's because, when the days are warmer, you'll be on the road more. You should also have your antifreeze checked, and the cooling system inspected - especially the hoses and drive belts.

What happens after I book my service appointment online?

Please use our online form below to schedule your next service reservation, or call 1 (866) 798-1542. We are standing by to answer your questions and get you in the door as quickly as possible. Upon submitting your information we will:

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