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Complete the steps in our Instant Cash Offer tool to see what your vehicle is worth. If you don’t like the evaluation, book an appointment and come by to visit us for an in-person appraisal.

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Request An Offer

Visit us online to get a purchase offer. There’s no obligation. We will respond within 60 minutes.

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Receive A Free Appraisal

We provide free vehicle appraisals and are currently awarding higher-than-average market value. Offers are valid for 7 days or 500 kilometers.

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Get Paid the Same Day

Get your money when you give us the keys and title. Redeem our offer at Crowfoot Hyundai at your convenience. We will handle all the paperwork, including dealing with lenders & insurance.

Benefits Of Selling Your Car

  • Get the security and reliability of dealing with a large automotive group.
  • Detailed vehicle appraisals are provided at no cost.
  • Rest assured that we do our research and provide the most competitive offer for your vehicle best of current market values.
  • Start the process from the comfort of your own home.
  • We handle all the paperwork, including dealing with insurance and lenders.
  • GST credit when you trade in your vehicle.
A family with their VW Tiguan