car scratch

Keep your car looking new. Save the cost of unexpected repairs.

When you purchase a vehicle you want to maintain the condition of that vehicle for as long as possible. Inevitably though, blemishes like door dings, scratches or dents are often outside of our control and happen despite our best efforts and care. The good news is we can help. Autoguard allows you to get small interior and exterior blemishes repaired as they happen so your vehicle is always kept as close to new as possible.

Autoguard protects against:


Door Dings

Door Dings

Paintless dent repair for door dings and dents up to 4 inches in length.

Exterior Scratches


Repairs of scratches & Scrapes up to 6 inches in length.

Interior Cuts


Repairs of cuts, tears and burns up to 2 inches in length.


Autoguard protects you for up to 12 repairs per year, has no deductible and is available on new and used vehicles. Get in touch with our financial services team to learn more.