2020 Nissan Murano v 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe


An SUV Showdown

Crowfoot Hyundai in Calgary has taken the time to breakdown these two beautiful new SUVS: the Murano and the Santa Fe. Let’s see how they stack up.


The big one: money. The price of a 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe starts around 29,199 MSRP – where the Nissan Murano starts around 32,448 MSRP. Not a big difference, but let’s check the other stats.


When talking about city driving, the Murano gets 11.7 L/100km. The Santa Fe gets 11.3. Again, not a big difference – but let’s keep going. Available in the Santa Fe is Adaptive Cruise Control – not available in the Murano. Towing Capacity in the Santa Fe is 3,500 – only 1,500 in the Murano. The Murano also doesn’t have leather seats; the Santa Fe does. The Santa Fe also has almost five more inches of leg room. Five inches! It also has an extra five inches of cargo volume.


How do they look? The Nissan Murano is stylish. There’s no getting around it. Sleek, smooth, and sportier than the Santa Fe – the Murano looks ready to cruise. But the Santa Fe looks ready to eat the Murano. It has a solid, indestructible appearance to it, as if it were made to drive through the desert outside Airdrie or Cochrane. I’d call it handsome. And if you don’t like black, the Limited Santa Fe comes in twelve colours, including Rainforest and Stormy sea. The Murano Platinum only comes in ten mostly metallic colours.


The TCC Rating of the Santa Fe is a cool 7.0, while the Murano comes in at 6.2. And frankly, we would have to agree. It’s true the Nissan scored negligibly higher in areas of safety, but the Hyundai has the tools and intelligence to get from A to B in one place. If you’re not sure, come on down to Crowfoot Hyundai, Calgary. See the difference for yourself.


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