Protection Plan

Hyundai Protection Plans

Your Hyundai is an investment. Here at Crowfoot Hyundai, we are committed to helping you protect that investment. Our Hyundai Protection Plans are designed to assist you with those unanticipated repairs.

Added Protection. Added Peace of Mind.

Hyundai Protection Plan for New Vehicles.

Plan A 

7 years/120,000 km

Plan B 

7 years/140,000 km

Plan C 

8 years/160,000 km

Plan D 

5 years/100,000 km (WRAP)

Hyundai Protection Plan for Used Vehicles.


6 months/10,000 km

12 months/20,000 km

Premium Coverage

12 months/20,000 km

24 months/40,000 km

36 months/60,000 km


Powertrain Coverage is available on previously owned vehicles, five model years of age or newer, with an odometer reading of 120,000 km or less. Premium Coverage includes all Powertrain and other components as outlined below and is available on previously owned vehicles, five model years of age or newer, with an odometer reading of 100,000 km or less. Used vehicles are eligible for HPP coverage if the agreement is purchased the same date as the vehicle. HPP coverage may only be purchased from us here at Crowfoot Hyundai

Why Should I Buy a Hyundai Protection Plan?

When you buy a car, sometimes you need extended coverage. The Hyundai Protection Plan offers you that protection from unexpected repairs, and the confidence to drive your vehicle knowing it is protected nationwide. The Hyundai Protection Plans A to C extends the comprehensive component coverage of your new vehicle warranty. The WRAP plan (Plan D) ensures that you are covered for those common inconveniences that may affect your vehicle, by providing coverage that gets you back on the road as soon as possible.

Here are some of the benefits of HPP:

Rental Assistance

Receive car rental assistance up to $35.00/day for up to five days towards the cost of a replacement vehicle when yours is inoperable overnight or longer.

No Deductible (Plans A-C)

Complete coverage on parts, labour, sublet, GST and provincial taxes, with no deductible charge on repairs for Plans A to C.


Rest assured knowing that HPP is administered and backed by Hyundai Auto Canada.

No Limits

There is no claim maximum or aggregate limit.

Extended Roadside Assistance

For the following: fuel delivery service, flat tire changing service, lockout service, battery boosting service, mechanical first aid, towing service, winching and extrication service, U.S. arrest bond certificate service and trip accident assistance service.

Inflation Protection

Receive protection from tomorrow's price inflation on repairs.

Coast to Coast


Enjoy carefree driving knowing you have protection travelling anywhere in Canada.



You can transfer HPP to the next owner, therefore, enhancing your resale value.


Receive peace of mind protection for just pennies a day.

Tire Road Hazard and Battery Warranty Coverage (Plan D only)

Even new vehicles can't avoid all the unexpected hazards on the road. The WRAP plan helps to protect you from these hazards by providing coverage for tire repairs as well as extended battery, roadside assistance and rental coverage, to help get you back on the road with minimal inconvenience.


It's easy to use, simply present your HPP Agreement to your Hyundai Dealer and factory-trained technicians will repair your vehicle using only genuine Hyundai parts.

Covered Components

Powertrain Components:


Engine block, cylinder heads, core plugs and all internal parts; timing belt, tensioners and covers; harmonic balancer; counter balance shafts and pulleys; manifolds; oil pump; valve covers; motor mounts, gaskets, seals and flywheel.

Transaxle (Manual or Automatic)

Transaxle case and all internal parts; starter ring gear and flex plate; torque converter; vacuum modulator; transaxle control module; oil cooler, lines and clutch master cylinder.
Complete coverage on parts, labour, sublet, GST and provincial taxes, with no deductible charge on repairs for Plans A to C.

Seals & Gaskets


When replaced due to the failure of a defective part covered in the agreement.

Other Components:

Engine Cooling System

Water pump and pulley; radiator; fan assembly, fan shroud, fan motor and thermal switch.

Rear Axle

Hub assembly, bearings and seals.

Full Time All-Wheel Drive

Transfer case and internal parts, seals and gaskets, rear differential assembly, rear differential drive shaft and centre bearing, drive shaft U-joints and CV joints including boots and brands.

Front & Rear Suspension

Macpherson struts, strut rods and bushings, front and rear sway bars and bushings, stabilizer bar or shaft, stabilizer linkage and bushings and trailing arm bushings.

Front Metering System

Fuel injectors and fuel control devices; cold start enrichment system; fuel pump, deceleration fuel controls; heated air intake system; air cleaner assembly (intake air temperature sensor, air flow sensor and atmospheric pressure sensor); surge tank; throttle body; catalytic converter; distributor, spark advance/retard system; exhaust gas recirculation system; vacuum, temperature and time sensitive valves and switched in above systems; vapour storage canister; fuel tank and fuel filler cap; PCV system.


Gear housing, rack and all internal parts; power steering pump and pulley; hoses; gaskets and seals.

Engine Electrical System

Alternator and pulley; engine control module; distributor, starter motor and solenoid.

Air Conditioning

Compressor, clutch assembly and pulley; condenser; evaporator; accumulator; expansion valve; seals, vacuum-operated actuators; electronic control blower and electronic blend door actuator.


Master cylinder, assist booster, proportioning valves, wheel cylinders, hydraulic lines, disc brake calipers and pistons, self-adjusting mechanisms and return springs, backing plates and seals.

Electrical (Chassis & Body)

Speedometer and speedometer cable; windshield wiper motor and windshield washer pump; rear window wiper motor and washer pump; power window motors and gears; power door lock actuators, heater motor and fan; electrical wiring harnesses; manually operated switches; cruise control computer; power mirrors; sun roof motor; time and alarm control module and daytime running light module.

Front Wheel Drive

Drive axles, constant velocity joints and boots; front hub assembly, bearings and seals.

Safety Restraints

SRS module

Owner Maintenance Responsibility

The owner's responsibility is to properly operate, care for and maintain the vehicle as prescribed in the Owner's Manual and Service Passport booklet supplied by Hyundai with each new vehicle. Parts relating to regular maintenance.

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